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Art by Simon Haiduk

The Five Pillars of Medicine

Online Intensive

A five week online immersion into the medicine on all levels of our being. We learn the interconnected reflection of ourselves in all of nature, and what it can teach us about thriving effortlessly.

The Five Pillars of Medicine - Cedar Tre

Art by Anna W

The Five Pillars of Medicine

In Person Immersion


A one day in-person workshop introducing the first two branches of this work: The Cedar Teachings and The Five Pillars of Medicine. This workshop constellates this map onto the landscape of our being.

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Art by Meredith Woolnough

The Fabric of Spirit


A one day in-person workshop introducing the third branch of these teachings. A pre-requisite for this workshop is having attended The Five Pillars of Medicine immersion, online or in-person. 

The Fabric of Spirit grows from the foundational teachings. It explores the energetic structure of reality, how things come to affect us in this current reality, and how the mystical informs our evolution.

Kai Orton - Five Pillars of Medicine.png

Art by Kai Orton

Ancestral Awakenings


A one day workshop to open and deepen connection with our ancestors.

A practical and enriching journey exploring ways traditional cultures nurture portals of connection through time, and the wisdom this offers. We hold our own offering ceremony; gaining skills and practices to take into our lives.

Sacred Tobacco - Luis Tamani - Five Pillars of Medicine.JPG

Workshop with Sacred Tobacco


Unique knowledge of the traditional and sacred use of this plant; how to conduct personal clearing with it, and how to best use it for aligning our best intention with our practice.

Art by Luis Tamani


Talks & Presentations

The Five Pillars of Medicine_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 1.07.36 pm.png
Justin Totemical - The Five Pillars of Medicine.png

The Five Pillars of Medicine

The Alchemy of Ceremony
Initiation as the Gatekeeper of Perception

In this inspiring talk Lila shares a system of knowledge she received over several years. After completing an initiation in a traditional medicine lineage in Southern Africa a portal of inspiration and receptivity began to open. Knowledge was transmitted spontaneously through dreams, plants and the natural kingdom. This talk holds that tale.

Exploring the role initiation plays in activating our ancient memory codes and aligning us with the greater sacred rhythms that accompany our lives.

Preparing the Vessel

Every culture has somewhere in its lineage rites and traditions that induct the individual into broader capacities. These are not only physical but energetic, and allow us agility to navigate between the worlds.


As we undergo these passages we strengthen the vessel of our being. This allows us to hold a higher frequency of wisdom. "As we strengthen the chalice of our being, we are able to hold a more powerful nectar".  

One on Ones

One on One Consultations

Image by Luz Mendoza

Two kinds of sessions are available:

  • Ancestral Reading - of unseen realms and what they are requesting of us.

  • Individual sessions - these can be therapeutic, mentoring, coaching or consultations, depending on what we choose as most beneficial for your process. These help to understand the medicine your life is offering you and to apply this understanding. Often these support to integrate and draw the more mythic content of our lives into our grounded reality.

Both are available in person and online.

When there are wounds in our ancestral lineage they continue to show up in our current life, until our attention is drawn to bringing remedy here. In contrast, when our ancestral field is strong and nourished it becomes a source of support and inner guidance. With this we are able to navigate our lives more gracefully and powerfully as our choices are made from a place of inner knowing and solidity.

Unresolved ancestral patterning is like a river with boulders upstream blocking the full flow coming down to us. This work aims to resolve these blockages for the river to flow more fully. The flow of life and the flow of love become more deeply available again. Entering into work with our ancestral field brings alignment where it is needed and remedy where things are out of accord.

A brief overview of how it works:

Imprints in our electromagnetic field - from various impacts in our evolution - attract towards them the circumstances that fit into that imprint. Just like a protein in a DNA strand magnetises the matching partner protein, so does our electromagenetic body magnetise the matching state of affairs in our lives. This is why we will replay a certain pattern again and again, until such time as we address the foundational imprint.

All the information of our evolution is held in this field, beyond time and space, and it emanates the pattern we will experience across ancestral generations, past lives, interdimensional encounters, and the levels of our being that are all affected by this patterning. 

The session reads the electromagnetic body and its pattern. We all have an inherent energy signature, like a leaf pattern. Once we discern this we can address how to best remedy those things that are obstacles, and enhance those that are blessings.

  • Ancestral readings: A$360 (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Individual sessions: Therapeutic sessions/ Mentoring/ Consultations/ Coaching: A$140 (1 hour)

          "Thank you again, I had a big shift after my reading. Like a block was removed and I got back

          into the expansive flow and clearer on steps I need to do moving forward in my work."

Katie G

                           "Lila's reading with me was powerful and emotional. It touched me deeply, and gave voice to

                             some things that I had a feeling I needed to deal with. Hearing these things from another

                             person who carries so much integrity has helped me to commit to much more nourishing

                             life decisions. Thank you Lila"

Jia Bin

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

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