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The Five Pillars of Medicine

In person Immersion

Five Pillars of Medicine - Simon Haiduk - Divine encounter.jpg

A one day workshop immersing in The Five Pillars of Medicine. It introduces us to the experience of this body of work in an experiential, somatic and therapeutic way.

Moving through the governing principles, phases and elements of each pillar, we explore this work as a more therapeutic application where we put the content into creative practice.

This workshop shares the five universal principles of medicine across all natural bodies. We experience the presence of each pillar in our body and lives, sensing our personal relationship to them, and how we can utilise their wisdom optimally. These principles are moving through us continually as the natural order of creation. Once we identify how each phase governs our being and the intelligent order in which they unfold, we can integrate this timeless wisdom into our world, relationships and health.

We will explore the "Cedar Teachings" that correlate with the pillars and share the universal allocations of medicine across all of nature. Harnessing their wisdom and insight we use these principles to tend to the blossoming of our Being. These allocations correlate with the "Five Pillars of Medicine” and together make a seamless body of wisdom that reveals the pattern of optimal unfolding in natural systems.


With this map of our being we can track our personal tendencies, where we gravitate to by default, and gain deeper vision into what needs alignment to support our liberation and flowering. Through this profound and simple system we see how we can use the medicine of each part of ourselves for alchemy in our lives.

The "Five Pillars of Medicine” is a body of wisdom gifted to Lila in a dream. Through this revelation she was shown that, “There are only five pillars of medicine. And all medicine, across all time, fits into these pillars”. The teaching proceeded to stream through, showing her the five modes of medicine, the ancient and current systems that use them, and how we draw on them instinctively in our daily lives. This body of knowledge forms a deep medicinal tool, from personal to cosmic contexts.

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