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One of the most comprehensive, intelligently conveyed and deeply understood presentations I’ve ever witnessed.

- Chris Barker

“Can’t recommend Lila enough!

An amazing space holder and healer.”


- Andrew Gueit

Lila's gift is an exemplary authentic channel of knowledge. Highly recommended! 

- Paul Kain

Hey Lila. I have to send you another message of gratitude and awe at your wisdom and how you channel it through... It was magical and wonderful and true poetry. Something so soul nourishing to witness and experience. Thank you!!! 

- Yochi Ress

“Lila has a very special connection to spirit. She holds the space in a way that allows deep and profound transformation.”


- Laura intuitive coach

I cannot recommend working with Lila highly enough. She is a force of nature and a mystic being of the highest intelligence! 

- Katie Weber 

"Hearing that lecture in itself was healing. These are master teachings where my mind shut down and way wider parts of my being integrated them. It is higher consciousness. Soul soothing, like oxygen for the soul. I felt renewed, refreshed, clear, full of energy. It was a very powerful, sacred evening. Thank you so much for this gift of your teachings. Its very healing for me on a million levels. I’m blown away. 
We had such  deep sleep after to integrate all of that. Wow. You are so refined, its actually mind-blowing and beautiful to observe you in your power. I honour you and all of your teachings.”


- Michalya Schonwald 

Lila offers a deep & mystical approach to understanding nature and our intrinsic connection to it.  Earth spirit medicine has been long forgotten by a great deal of cultures.  It's wonderful to see these teachings and ancients ways finally making their way back into our consciousness...especially in these times of great need.  Thank you Lila ❤

- Kari Barron 

This work gave my life a map I didn't even realise I was looking for!

- Lisa Saven

Lila speaks with the insight & wisdom of Nature herself.   This work is profoundly powerful & transformative… simultaneously visionary and somatic, and all held within such a gentle nurturing space.  I feel very deeply moved & yes…healed by the experience.  Thank you so much!    

- Emma Watkinson 

"When you reconnect with life itself - the planet and the plants - everything seems to make sense. And Lila has opened my eyes and heart in ways that I wish for all of us. The gateway of the journey into our hearts - is her magic to share, our innate ability to gain wisdom from our world, in this case The Cedar Tree and its teachings... a truly magic evening. Thank you Lila. X"

- Elisha Xantaya

I loved this course - I got some really profound insights into my wound. I really appreciate your innate wisdom, dear Lila and hope your work resonates with many others.

- Maria Cotera

Just wanted to share how deeply touched and grateful we are to be participating in the five pillars and receiving the gifts of your lifetime journey, so comprehensive and shared with such depth and vision. . So looking forward to the next installment! 

- Anna Brijbala 

Really recommend this amazingly insightful course from Lila Lieberman - who has received these teachings deep from the plant realms and ethers...Lila is deeply knowledgable and her 'knowing' and seeing is vast....if you want to deepen your holistic understanding of 'medicine' and its fractal nature with the cosmos...then do consider this course :) x

- Victoria Sinclair 

Lila is a true keeper of the old wisdom with gems from all cultures, including her own personal experience.

- Elisha


Truly transformative... I had no idea how deeply that would move me. Thank you for sharing your medicine!

- Emma

An incredibly adaptable practice for developing all aspects of life.


- Felicity Roberts

The Cedar Teachings landed with me like an ancient wisdom. It is as though Lila has been entrusted to share the teachings in order to awaken a profound and practical awareness of the five levels of being. Week-by-week, I opened to the understanding of my being as a whole comprised of five unique yet interrelating levels - my body, my heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit – each which have their own nuance, characteristics and medicine and all which interrelate and dance together to create the experience of what is. It was an immersive, poetic and ceremonial dive into what feels to have opened in me a very real, practical and ongoing knowledge that resonates with the timeless wisdom of nature, our ancestors and the grace of spirit.


- Suzie Smith

As a teacher and wisdom keeper Lila is full of heart and integrity and holds a beautiful ceremonial space in which to explore this work. It has been a privilege to learn with her. Every human needs this knowledge! 

Traversing the 5 pillars of medicine with Lila has been an experience of connecting deeply with the blueprint that runs through everything we experience here on earth. This sacred knowledge resonates deeply with me because it makes sense on each level and doesn’t leave anything out. 

Beginning to understand each pillar and how it relates to my own experience is very illuminating and hugely beneficial to my sense of who I am and my connectedness to all. Having a map like this makes life much simpler. 

Looking at my life and the whole of creation through this lens has brought more awareness, compassion and optimism to my worldview. There is a sense of perfection and intelligence which shines through. It also infuses into my work as a therapist beautifully. 


- Amanda Davis

The message and her delivery was crystal clear, completely selfless and resonated with everyone in the space.

- Sacha McGann

Eloquent, coherent, simple and powerful. You need to hear this for yourself.


- Atlanta Cook

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