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Five Branches

The Five Pillars of Medicine is a body of knowledge holding five branches of timeless wisdom.

The nature of this wisdom is simple, and the same pattern of natural seeing is repeated and deepened through the branches. It gets more sophisticated from the root teachings up, yet the same sacred imprint is the foundation. It is like a holograph, with each part containing and reflecting the whole...

The first of which is the 'Cedar Teachings', which share the allocations of medicine across all natural bodies. These are the root teachings which hold the fundamental anchor, the practical application of substance. The next is the Five Pillars of Medicine, a treatment tool that reflects the evolutionary phases of natural bodies. We can emulate these for remedy. The third is called The Fabric of Spirit. This holds the simple principles that combine into complex building blocks of our perception of reality. The fourth is The Circuitry, where we are shown the mechanisms by which things begin to move. How the energy moves into greater velocity. The fifth branch is The Temple Arts, using the most subtle form of remedy, which is vibrational in nature. It holds information in nano form and affects the quantum field, infusing reality with shifts from a perceptual state. This then spirals again into the root teachings, and the pattern begins again having been infused with the evolution of the previous cycle.

We see this in all functioning of Life.

As a whole each of these offer us a map into the fabric of reality and offer us an applicable tool with which to orientate and navigate our lives.

This body was received through a series of inspirations over several years after going through initiation with a Southern African lineage. The initiation readied the vessel of body and being to receive and contain these understandings, and articulate them in an easy, organic structure. The principles are timeless. The Five Pillars of Medicine is a language through which to view and understand natural flow and the structure of how reality builds itself. Harnessing this wisdom we can intentionally direct our unfolding, evolution and blossoming.

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