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The Fabric of Spirit

"The threads of creation weave along lines of sacred law”

This workshop is for those who have attended previous Five Pillars of Medicine work - whether a one day workshop, seven week immersion, in person or online. If you have been exposed to this material, The Fabric of Spirit builds on the foundations of The Cedar Teachings and The Five Pillars of Medicine.

In the body of knowledge called 'The Five Pillars of Medicine' there are five branches. You will have experienced the first two: The Cedar Teachings and The Five Pillars of Medicine. 

The Fabric of Spirit is the third branch that grows from these foundational levels. We will briefly refresh the first two branches and sink deeply into this next level that explores the energetic structure of reality, how things come to affect us in this current reality, and how the mystical informs our evolution.

Being a holographic pattern of wisdom, each branch parallels a Cedar Teaching, a Pillar, a level of being...

The Cedar Teachings parallels the Root, the First Pillar, the Connectivity. It is the Body of this work.

The Five Pillars of Medicine parallels the Leaves, the Second Pillar, the Power. It is the Heart of this work.

The Fabric of Spirit parallels the Bark, the Third Pillar, the Medicine. It is the Mind of this work… the lucidity. It speaks about the structure of reality, the fibre of manifestation.


Being aligned with the Bark |  Medicine |  Fire |  Mind , this day will hold the scaffolding of these teachings. It is the design through which reality constellates itself. It will be largely discussion based with a slide show, and give light to much of how we experience things and the channels that are appropriate to explore when coming to cure things.


The Medicine is always in the How. Something becomes medicine in its delivery. We are vessels that deliver the medicine of our being to the world. The Fabric of Spirit offers a deeper understanding of how our vessel is a receptacle, what is receives, and how this can be delivered well.


This workshop is a unique container of knowledge that holds a transmission that broadens our understanding of the nature of substance.

Workshops for mid 2023 to be released soon. Please get in touch via the Contact Us button below to be put on the mailing list.

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