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Sat, 17 July


The Five Pillars of Medicine

Ancestral Awakenings

This workshop opens and deepens connection with our ancestors. A practical and enriching journey exploring ways that traditional cultures nurture these portals and maintain connection with a timeless wisdom; experience direct connection and ceremony, gaining skills and practices for our lives.

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Ancestral Awakenings
Ancestral Awakenings

Time & Location

17 July 2021, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm AEST

The Five Pillars of Medicine, Mullumbimby NSW, Australia

About the event

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots”   ~ Rumi

Ancestral Connections is a one day workshop to open and deepen connection with our ancestors. It is a practical and enriching journey where we will explore ways that traditional cultures nurture these portals and maintain connection with timeless wisdom; experience our own direct connection and ceremony; and gain skills and practices to take into our lives.

Establishing an understanding and communication with our lineages opens up a support and guidance beyond the seen realms. It allows our lives to become richer and inclusive of elements beyond the world of matter, offering us a new dimension of being that we may not have tapped. Most of us growing up within a culture that did not acknowledge our bloodline or hold a valued story of where we come from are deprived of a deeply valuable and enriching part of what it is to be human. Many age old cultures and indigenous traditions hold elaborate traditions honouring the bones of their old ones and ways to connect with the wisdom in their spirit on a daily basis. This practice adds a depth to the rhythm of their lives that Western culture is only just reawakening to.

"To remember who we are is to claim the sacredness of our self.”

The ancestral realm is a space we can go into for council, encouragement, and to gain the insight of the old ones who care for us. Before we engage the ancestors for support, it is important to know that many of them may need healing. Any trauma that was left unresolved remains as such. When things are unresolved in our ancestral lineage they show up as repetitive patterns in our lives. Until we rectify things on this level of our being, the imprint of that patterning acts as a magnet to those circumstances, to continually call our awareness to what needs remedy. We as the embodied ones now have the opportunity to engage that healing, with ritual, gesture, offering, and ceremony. With our embodied action we can affect things in our lineage that an ancestor no longer can. They, on the other hand, can see in the ‘beyond’ and guide us in ways that we cannot see when embodied. Each world is bound by different laws and can offer support to the other.

Once we begin to do this work our ancestral field becomes stronger and more nourished, becoming a source of support and inner guidance. We are able to navigate our lives more gracefully and powerfully as we tap into a timeless lineage of inheritance, and make choices from a place of inner knowing.

"Our ancestors are our “old people”, and it is natural to have considerable respect for them. We owe our presence to them.

An appropriate response to this, regardless of their history and character, is gratitude. If for nothing less than their journey grants us the immense opportunity now to move in any way we like and determine the unfolding of our own and future descendants.”

Unhealed ancestral patterning is like a river with boulders upstream blocking the flow of life coming down to us. Doing this work of healing reshapes the boulders upstream and allows the flow of life more fully. More life, love, blessing, abundance become available as we open ourselves to this.

We too are future ancestors, so we want to mediate the easeful flow of this passage as much as possible, for the benefit of downstream.

* * * * *

In this workshop we will look into the purpose of holding the wisdom of a lineage intact, and how we can appropriately honour that passage and the blood within us. Initiated in an indigenous medicine tradition in South Africa, Lila will share her experience of what this rite of passage opened up for her, what was and continues to be gifted through closer connection with the ancestors, and how to establish this as a sweet and integrated part of life.

This workshop will explore how to recognise what needs remedy in our lineage, and how to begin bringing this into being. We will look at the why and how of intergenerational trauma, and how as we bring remedy to our lineages it heals not only ourselves and those who came before, but those who come after us. We will look various age old traditions and the practices, tools and techniques, and most importantly what will be appropriate in connecting with your own ancestors.

Through the weekend we will explore:

- Who your ancestors are and why this matters - What we are really honouring in connecting with our ancestors

- How healing the past greatly impacts the quality of our present and future

- Why strong ancestral connections benefit our lives and the greater ease of our world

- Practices that empower us in our daily live

- Being able to tap into the support and guidance of our lineage whenever needed

It will be a day of learning, discussion and practices to open the channel of seeing and connecting with our ancestors.

It will also hold an Ocean Ceremony with ceremonial offerings to connect with our lineages. These tools and practices can be taken into our lives thereafter to enrich, inspiration and guidance.

"...Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands." ~ Linda Hogan

* * * * *

Spaces are limited. Let us know if you will confirm a place.

Workshop details

Date and Time:

Saturday 17 July  - 10am - 6pm


Balemo Drive, Ocean Shores

Directions will be sent on confirmation



Please confirm via deposit and email confirmation to Lila Lieberman BSB: 732573 Account: 666671

Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous methodologies of healing for twenty-five years. She began her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru and later initiated as sangoma - traditional healer and seer - in the Shona tradition of South Africa, where she was born. This is an ancestor-focused tradition with most of the practices centred around healing, summoning and taking guidance from the ancestors. She has spent many years engaging cultural wisdom and plants in a medicinal capacity, both academically and culturally. Her focus is on the living library held within the plant and human kingdoms, and how their collaboration activates profound capacities for new perception and creative psychological feedback. She explores the various cultural ways, rites and ceremonies that open these channels of learning. Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, and has a diploma in Integral Coaching. She now lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

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