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explore the underlying pattern of nature

explore the underlying pattern of nature

There is a sacred order to all things


The Five Pillars of Medicine is a living body of knowledge. It outlines the perennial pattern on which all things design themselves and grow. It is both a map of the territory of life, and a navigation tool to travel it well.

These teachings are the fruit of a transmission received over the course of a decade, following an initiation in a traditional medicine lineage in Southern Africa. They reveal the principles behind reality. When we can see the pattern it opens us to see the meta-reality. We see the design reality is crafted on and recognise that all things follow this same sacred order. From a cell to a cosmos, a plant to a human, a lifespan to a civilisation... All things reflect this living matrix.


In recognising the sacred order nature follows we gain amazing insight into our own nature. We can track the pattern in our lives and live with more agility. We learn the cycles that hold the hidden rhythm to our evolution. Once we see it we can cultivate it more intentionally.


We begin to skilfully guide our growth and ignite our capacities, expanding beyond what we thought possible. We learn the secrets of our own inner workings. This work is a map of our deepest territory, and the knowledge is a tool to traverse the grounds of life in a fascinating, insightful and continually enriching way. We don't need to re-invent the wheel to expand our potential. We simply need to use the momentum of the natural cycles already in motion to let them carry us to an enhanced way of living. 

"The force that guides the stars guides you"

~ Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

Lila's gift is an exemplary authentic channel of knowledge. Highly recommended! 

Paul Kain

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