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Sacred Tobacco Workshop

A Half Day Immersion

Sacred Tobacco - Luis Tamani - Five Pillars of Medicine.JPG

This special plant has been used for millennia by many cultures for protection, courage, peacekeeping, and cleansing the energy body. It is a potent medicine who’s power has been hidden in plain sight. Tobacco is a Gatekeeper plant that is often used in conjunction with other plants, as a messenger, intention amplifier, and grounding protective element.It offers the gifts of wisdom and clarity, which is why it has been sought out and respected so highly.

The day will explore of the uses of tobacco through the five elements ~ Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.
We will have the opportunity to embrace a practice with each of these elements to connect with the plant in a complete way, and engender a personal relationship with it.
I will be sharing unique knowledge around personal clearing with this plant, and how to best use it for aligning our intention with our practice.

We will look at:
- the history and medicinal propagation of the plant
- invoking the presence and friendship of the plant spirit
- its movement through the elements
- using the plant to cleanse
- elements that create a personal and signature ceremony
- how to make offerings with this sacred and powerful plant, as a gesture of gratitude that opens us to receive what it has to offer.


The active ingredient in working with any plant as a medicine is friendship. We’ll explore what it means to each of us to open a heartfelt connection with this plant and awaken its interest is supporting and guiding us.
Having this plant as an ally while navigating working in the plant kingdom in any capacity is a useful guide and protector.

* * * * *

Workshops for mid 2023 to be released soon. Please get in touch via the Contact Us button below to be put on the mailing list.

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